Graham Engineering Phantom III 9

I am using a GE Phantom II Supreme tonearm. This tonearm wand had improved internal wiring, or that was my understanding. Is the new Graham Engineering Phantom III 9" Titanium Tonearm Armwand a useful upgrade.

While I am not prepared to swap-out the entire tonearm for the newer model at this time, I am curious how much and what kind of a difference it might offer.

I appreciate the informed insight that others may offer.
Same question for me!
Just so that people don't misunderstand the question the 9" titanium armwand became standard from the mkII onwards (although some of the early ones may have escaped and were still ceramic).

Some felt the ceramic ones sounded better than titanium versions but I'm told the reason Bob switched to titanium was that folk kept accidentally dropping and shattering them on solid floors and surfaces. :O

So what you must be referring to on the 9" wand is improved wiring and, possibly, connector quality?
Huh? Who drops their tonearm wand on the floor? That is nuts!
That's a bit like saying, "Who would ever bend the cantilever on their cartridge?" ;^)

In 40 years of this hobby I've never done such a thing but it doesn't mean it couldn't happen. The fragility of ceramic is well known...
I bet they don't drop the titanium ones. ;-)
Titanium takes a while to reach the floor :)
That's funny! Which falls faster, a pound of titanium or a pound of feathers?
Feathers fly off the shelves faster, though titanium titillates more.
Opps Geoff, I quickly misread your post as which sells faster.
I'm starting to get a bad feeling.