Graham 2.2 Upgrade-Worth It?

Can anyone comment on whether they upgraded their Graham 2.0 to the 2.2 and is is worth the $300.
I'll let you know my thoughts shortly, I'm getting mine very soon. Given the track record from the other upgrades I've had with his products, I would expect it to be a good sonic improvement. However, and I realize that Graham can't order in bulk like other manufacturers, it still seems like an awfully expensive small piece of metal!
Yes, although it doesn't appear to involve much, i could hear a difference the first time i listened to the upgrade.
Definitely worth it. It would be insane to own a 2.0 and not spring for the upgrade.
a no-brainer. from the first note small but significant increases in energy; more bass, more snap to transients, and better drive,pace,etc. also, slight amount of additional ambient/low-level information. took 2 minutes but one problem is i'm afraid to change the label from 2.0 to 2.2; looks like i might scratch it while doing it. if someone has done it sucessfully i would like to hear the details.
Just to let you know that almost 3 months after I ordered it I finally got my upgrade last night. Mikelavigne is correct on all counts, two additional thoughts: 1. The bass is not only deeper and tighter, it still is very rich and full, something I thought you couldn't have with the description I just gave; and 2. There is much better focus to the soundstage. A definite no-brainer.