Graham 1.5 tone set-up...

Does anyone out there, know the Graham 1.5 Tonearms by heart?

I'm looking for information on how to set up the anti- skate,on my Graham 1.5 Tone-arm ?

I have all the directions that are given when it was bought & purchased, but they are somewhat vague to me.

This Graham 1.5 tone-arm, is set up to an Oracle Delphi Mark V Turntable, & a ZYX Yatra cartridge. I've taken the anti-skate weight the whole way off, & it seems to perform the best.

The ZYX Yatra cartridge is set @ two grams(just like it said it was to be). But the Graham 1.5 tone-arm wants to keep coming back to the tonearm rest.

Is there any traveling repair man out there ??

The 1.5 is like the 2.2
Check with SirSpeedy and his previous threads listed here.
On the anti skate lever/bar,you will see some indentations,along with a sliding ring.I believe,from memory,that the third indentation(away from the arm housing,and towards the outer,END, of the antiskate bar,is the two gram setting.Starting at the first indentation(bar slid towards main arm bearing)is already one gram,just slide it two more slots,if memory serves me.I'm now on vacation,so cannot double check.Call Graham Engineering,to double check on this.Also,try to acquire the "blue" internal damping fluid,as it is superior to the clear stuff,you most likely have,and will be low cost.

Best regards,and good luck.
Speedy is correct in that the first indent closest to the point of rotation in 1 gram with each increment being 0.5 grams. A question. Do you have the silver base with your ZYX? From the sounds of your problem, I would guess no. Without it, you may be correct that no weight is optimal since the cartridge weight is very low - about 5 grams if I remember right. FYI. I'm using 1.5 grams with my 2.2 & Airy 3 combo.

As far as the blue damping fluid, I believe it was developed for the heavier bearing cap of the 2.2 and may not be the best choice for a 1.5 with a very light cartridge. Check wiht Bob Graham.
Thanks guys, I'll give them a try...

(Question)?? Do all, or any, weights from the back end of the tone-arm ever come off for set up ???

I (did not)get a silver base on the "ZYX~Yatra" Cartridge.
was I supposed too ???

I just boughht this Cartridge brand new, From Mehran. If so,I may have to give him a call.


The silver base Sbrown referred to is only available on the Airy 2 and higher models. The Yatra doesn't have that option.

I strongly urge you to consider adding 4-5g of weight to your headshell "somehow". A blob of Blu-Tack on top would be an easy way to hear the differences. I'd predict better dynamics and significantly better mid-bass. It will make a fine cartridge play even better.
Clearaudio also makes a headshell weight that they shipped with their very light wooden body cartridges. Maybe try Musical Surrounding's, Clearaudio's present distributor or Discovery Cable, Clearaudio's past distributor.
Thanks for all your help