Grado wood bodies

Can someone tell me what size screws to use on a Grado Reference Master? Obviously don't want to damage this thing.
Come on folks..... I know someone knows.... Grado is sending me some screws, but I'd really like to get this thing mounted. The screws mounting the current cart are too large.
You know I'd answer if I knew. I just plain don't.

Have you checked the Grado website or emailed a dealer such as Needle Doctor?
I've checked the website. I emailed Grado, and they are sending me the screws, but no telling how long that will take. Guess if I was brave, I could take the cart with me to a hardware store........ YIKES!!!!
M2.6 x 10mm work on ZYX and Lyra, if somebody can confirm or if you want me to send a couple let me know.

I'm not sure, but 2.6mm seems too large also. Maybe closer to 2mm. I believe I remember reading somewhere that Grado doesn't use the "standard" size screw.

Thanks for the offer.

Why not take the Grado down to Lowes/HD and buy the size you need and make sure there brass. I am sure their is a vinyl nut at your big box hardware store?
That's part of the problem. The wood body Grado's are threaded. No nuts.
I agree head down to the local hardware store and play around until one fits.The ones comeing are nothing special just metal wood screws.They are heavy.Brass would be alot prettier.
Well, I guess I'll give Loews a try. I can tell by looking they are not wood screw threads.....