Grado with Unipivot - Which armwand?

Hi fellow members,

Recently I get a used 9" Morch UP4 yellow point (8 gr) as a second tonearm to my Gyrodec. Normally I'd prefer a green (4 gr) or red point (6 gr) but I didn't want to miss the thing. So, I currently have a Grado Reference Master MI cartridge running on SME V. According to Morch website, Grado cartridge gives best results on their green point arm; and Cartridge Resonance Evaluator on Vinyl Engine confirms this, though Red point seems better if the target is 10 Hz.

To confuse the things more, I read some users suggest the heaviest armwand Blue point (14 gr) to use with Grados. I get confused. In either way, 8 gr Morch seems a better option than 11 gr of SME V, but need your opinions.
Since you already have it put the cartridge in and see how it sounds for yourself. Theory is fine but experence is better.
Hi, thank you for the advice but second arm isn't mounted right now. I have to modify the Gyrodec to do that, and modification will be done in the following months. I want to learn the theory in order to make right choices for the future with other cartridges.


Any ideas?