Grado Statement Sonata 1 - bent stylus

Have no idea how it happened, but on attempting to play a record yesterday, I was shocked to discover that the stylus on this expensive cartridge was bent 90 degrees and pointing down vertically at the record.I treat my equipment carefully, and had left the SME arm in its slip-locked retaining clip and put the dust cover down. Examination under magnification showed that the bend appears to be at the point where the stylus meets a black housing. It seems to also be slightly loose at that point. No one touched the turntable between that last playing and my discovery of the weird damage. Are Grado products so idiosyncratic that they break by themselves?
I'm sure your question is rhetorical-nothing breaks itself. I'm no detective but something clearly damaged your stylus. I have, unfortunately, had this same experience but having both children and a pet, I had an idea what caused it. I don't know what your financial situation is but you will need to repair or replace the cartridge. Check with Grado to see if the stylus is replaceable. If not, you'll have to suck it up and buy a new one. Of course, you can check with Soundsmith to see if they can repair it, but I would be careful as a repaired stylus may, or may not sound the same as the original. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Just my two cents. I'm sure you will get plenty of advice from other members.
How old is the cartridge? It could be the suspension collapsed. Do you live alone? The suspension is usally made of rubber which can dry out.
First of all, I should correct myself, and say that it is the cantilever, that is th 1/2 of so shaft, on the bottom of which the stylus is mounted that is bent. Secondly, while I agree that things do not normally break themselves I know that I did not break it, and my wife is sure that she was not even in my studio during the two days between my last use of the turntable and my discovery of the damage and neither of our two old and rather well-behaved cats could possible have got under the dustcover, which I always leave closed. I am completely mystified, but will contact Grado and possibly Soundsmith.

The cartridge 2-3 years old, so suspension failure seems unikely.

Grado Statement Sonata, replace one stylus $400. Read and weep, mine didn't mysteriously break, I broke it. By the way, there is no better cartridge for the money, it's called the "poor man's Koetsu"
Contact Grado - they are very customer-service oriented and I have no doubt they will do everything they can to work with you.
Ship it to Grado. If you are lucky they will replace the stylus at
no charge.The other option is buy a new one from the Needle
Doctor,they will give you a trade in credit on your old cartridge.
I think Soundsmith works on Grado's too. So, repair cost can be as cheap as $125 or more, if you want the upgrade. BTW their work is A+++++++.

Hey, you broke it, you just don't know how. It happens.
I was thinking of retipping when my grado/s time is up or the kid or the dogs send it to an early death. a soundsmith cantilever/retip at 250 sounds like a real step in a positive direction. i would love to know how it turned out should you go that route. this mystery could end up being a blesssing in disguise. i know its ahassle though and a wait