Grado Statement cartridges - load at 47km or lower

Do the Grado statement series - the 0.5mv output cartridges need to be loaded at 47kohm's or can they be loaded lower like normal MC's?

You do understand it is not a moving coil?

Yes. Lots of normal MC inputs do not have 47K loading including mine, hence the question.
Dear Downunder: The manufacturer specs state 47K so IMHO this is the " right " impedance load for the Statement Grado cartridge series.

You need the right phono stage. Where are you running the ADC?

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I have a Statement Reference 0.5 mV driving an Accuphase phono stage. The MC input (60db or 65db) gain setting opions can only load at 100 ohms or 500 ohms.
Only the MM input loads at 47K, but obviously does not have adequate voltage gain. I consulted Grado by phone: they advised that this variable reluctance design is not load sensitive and works fine driving low impedance phono stages. This "load insensitive" characteristic might be due to the shorter winding length of the low output design, although apparently the high output model behaves similarly so that's probably an incorrect assumption on my part.
Listening tests switching between 100 or 500 ohms: I preferred the 100 setting, although the differences were nearly indiscernable. If I recall (it's been awhile) the HF seemed a little smoother at 100. So no it does not seem to be an issue at all, rather academic at best.
I was thinking someday I might try replacing the low impedance input terminations onboard with 47K's just to try it, but I'm quite satisfied as-is so that might never happen anyway.
thanks Bob, that's what I was looking to hear. You can use your MC phono stage and use lower than 47k.

Raul, running the ADC into MM stage at 47k. Sounds great, abeit different to MC sound. however been off sick for the last week so not listening to music.
I'll send out a report later - Also got the Ortofon MM we spoke about waiting as well and a Miyajima Shilabe I'll try to listen to this week.

Dear Dowunder: Iask on de the ADC because I can see that you can run the Grado at 47K too.

My best wishes for your health.

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Raul, The MM stage would not have enough gain for the 0.5mv Grado.

I don't have one, just wondering if I can use my MC stage if I did get one.