Grado Sonata1 Ref Vs. Audio Technica AT33EV

I've been using a Grado Sonata1 Reference cart for the past 1.5 years, and recently upgraded my speakers from monitors to floor standers. Now with the more pronounced bass, I'm noticing the Grado is a bit washy in the bass. The quantity if there, and it goes deep, but it's a bit soft. This is with a PS Audio GCPH and a Clearaudio Emotion TT. I'm considering making the switch to a more budget-friendly MC cart, particularly the AT33EV. Has anyone heard both the AT33EV and the Grado Sonata1 and can make a fair comparison?

Things I love about the Grado are: absolutely beautiful midrange, delicate treble, great harmonic detail, timbre, and lushness, soundstage. Really the only things I can think of that would need improving might be the bass "cleanliness", and perhaps a tad more extension in the treble. Maybe the AT33EV can't live up to all that?