Grado Sonata and tracking

I have heard unhappiness from prior owners of Grado cartridges that they are poor trackers??? Is this a golden rule, or is it more a mismatch between arm and cartidge? I have a Well Tempered arm.


I don't think the tracking problems apply to the Sonata. I also have a well tempered and have owned severel Grado cart. including some signature models. I always had problems with sibalance on rock recordings but none of my former complaints apply to the Sonata. Once the VTA is correct, it tracks like a champ and sounds great in my setup.
I have no problems with tracking of my Sonata on a Rega 300B tonearm and LP12 turntable. I have the high output version and have no idea if that affects the tracking performance.

I have owned serveral Grado's and am currently using the 'Sonata' with the VPI Scout and I have had absolutely no tracking problems with it.


I had a Platinum and the tracking was OK. Then I got a Dynavector 20X-H and the tracking is far better. Didn't know I had a problem before. Also the highs are far smoother and the presentation much more defined. I am now a moving coil convert.

I have a Grado Reference in an SME 309 arm and the tracking and sound are excellent.
currently using sonata on a vpi scoutmaster and have encountered no problems tracking
I had no tracking problems with my Grado Reference/Reference as long as the record was perfectly flat. But the slightest warp (on my TNT/JMW 10.5 setup) gave it fits. And then there's the mysterious and maddening Grado Wobble to contend with. Two of the reasons I'm much happier with a Shure V15xMR.