Grado Sonata a good fit?

Would a Grado Sonata cartridge be a good fit for a Luxman PD-441 table (direct drive) and a Denon DA-307 tonearm? The rest of the system is Rogue Audio 66 Magnum pre-amp (tubes), Moscode 600 amp (tube hygrid), Vandersteen 2 CE's.
Older table/arm so quation might be compliance of arm.Could call Bes at Muisc Direct or Needle doctor and think John Grado will give you staight skinny over phone.As far as sound I have used one on VPI and Linn and it's a fine performer for the price..Depending on gain of your phono section (I noticed a New York Audio Labs (Moscode)here or on Ebay for $150 start though used Grado fro $300 rocks) you might try th 1.5mv instead of MM 4.5.The . might be too low but fewer windings means better sound.Given what those Moscode 00's go for I was thinking about checking one out myself.New ones are gogeous but like the fewer tubed (1 tube) 20 watt Monarchy might be the ticket.I wonder though if it's tube driver (which according to Pathos deigner is best for volatge change and it's harmonics and SDS is best for it's bass and lack of tube roll off).But think both of them the new Mopscode and Monarchy are $K while 00's can be picked up for as low as maybe $600 I saw in one add.Other nice perfromers if you can up the ante is the Sumiko Blackbird and Shelter 501.Nopt sure about head to head on Shelter 301 but think you'd be happy with Grado.I have tube and really reveling horn speakers and my jazz and miods are terfic with Sonata.Again call Bes at MD and tell 'em Chazz from Mass said you'd hook him up.
I'm using a Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood and love it. It is a major step up in resolution form the Sonata which I owned for years. Clear Audio has similar georgeous midrange and coherence and tracks WAY better than the Sonata. I'm using Rogue Magnum 99 and its a great match. Should work well with the 66. Not familiar with the Luxman but I guess that most MM's would work ok. Might want to consider less expensive Aurum Beta.
I had a Sonata in my Rega P25. I thought it was wonderful until I got my Benz Ebony H. No contest at all. The Grado sounded sandy, brown in color, and muffled in dynamics and soundstaging in contrast.