Grado Reference Sonata re-tip

Thinking about getting my cart re-tipped, but was wondering if anybody has had one done by Soundsmith instead of sending it back to Grado. Sound better? Not as good? Different in what way? Any input would be appreciated.
Several years ago, Peter did both a Sonata and a Master for me. I thought that both sounded as good if not a tad bit better. They seemed to be a little smoother.
Thanks for the response. I see you always get the $250 level done which is what I was leaning towards. I like the Grado sound, but was thinking of going the Soundsmith direction just to see where it leads. Sounds like the way to go.

I'm using a Benz L2 right now but need a back-up just in case. The Sonata has many hours and needs attention.
FYI: The Needle Doctor will take your old one as a trade and replace it with a new one. Check with them to find what the cost is.
Yogiboy is correct. Not only the Needle Doctor, but almost
any Grado dealer can do this. You send in your cartridge and
they will send you a new one. The price for your Sonata is
$400.00. That's why I went with Peter's retip of $250. If
you want to keep it original, then there is an alternative.
If I go the trade in route, I'll never know how the Soundsmith would sound. Still leaning towards the Soundsmith since it's less expensive and may sound better to these ears.