Grado Reference Sonata on a Rega P5 ?

So many of the wonderful reviews I've read on the Rega P5 have discussed the musical synergy of the table/arm with a Rega Exact 2 or a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge. Does anybody have experience (good or bad) with the P5 and a Grado Reference Sonata (or the P5 with any Grado) ? Are their any of the notorious "hum issues" with the P5 -- Grado combination ? Thanks for your thoughts.
iown a grado sonata it is a great cartrige brings out the inner details of the music but they are not shielded so any table that does have a isolated motor can get hum
Intolerable hum occurs with a Grado/Rega combo; I fabricated a metal plate of mu-metal from Magnetic Shield corporation so I could use a Sonata on a Rega, which worked fairly well, but it required more effort and expense than necessary, considering the many alternatives.
I had a Rega/Sonata - replaced the cartridge and discovered that there are better cartridges than Grado.
Thanks guys......I'll probably be exploring the Dynavector 10x5 and Benz-Micro ACE S H as good matches for the Rega P5. "Bang for the buck" thinking will probably favor the 10x5.
You should also try the Exact 2 - that's what I have on mine, though I have heard the Dynavector is great on it as well.
An inexpensive cure for the Rega/Grado hum problem

The motor and platter bearing **must** be grounded to the base of the tone arm. I have no idea why Rega does not do this, but it is effective. You do not have to shield the motor. I had to file off some of the finish on the motor in order to be able to solder to it, but the result was no more hum with either a wood-body or plastic body Grado.