Grado reference platnum or Grado statement platnum

I am thinking of getting a better cartridge for my Denon DP-62 turntable. What is the difference between these two models? Some sites say one is a MC, the other is a MM. My local HiFi store said one has a lower output than the other. The specs I have found at the needle doctor show the output is the same.

I plan to buy the cartridge from my local dealer, but I'd like a second opinion.

Two things I like about the Grado Platnum:
1) It's in my price range $350.00
1) It's made in the USA

My local dealer said the higher output model (whichever that is) would be better for my turntable. The Denon DP62 is direct drive, but seems pretty quiet.

Give me you thoughts.
All Grado's are mm. The ones you are interested in come in both 5mv or .5mv. I would not take a chance on the .5 mv ones,they might not have enough voltage to drive your preamp. I have the vpi model which has 1.5 mv output. I think you should go for the Platnum 5mv. By the way I am a long time Grado fan just love their sound. Check out the Grado site for more information or give them a call they are very helpful.
the low output version requires a fairly specialized phono preamp. MM inputs don't have enough gain, but many mc inputs - e.g., using transformers - won't work or won't provide adequate 47K loading. You'd probably be better off with the high output version.

Thanks for the info!

VPI Turntables look pretty HOT! However, they are a bit out of my price range. The Denon DP-62 does a pretty fair job with my cobbled together system:

Preamp: Audio Refinement Pre-II pro
Power Amp: 2 each McIntosh MC-60
CD player: Magnavox CDB-610
Open reel: Teac X-10R
Tuner: Magnum Dynalab MD-90
TT Preamp: Nad
Speakers: ESS amt-1a

Before I get the new Grado Cartridge I plan to buy a VPI HW-16.5 record cleaner.

Thanks again!
This is the first time everybody has recommended the same thing. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the Grado high output Platnum.
I had an XTZ Grado.
For the imaging, I loved it.
In every single possible other way, my high output Benz Ace I bought used...for the same amount of money, blows it away...bad.
For me, it really was like re-discovering my vinyl collection.
Don't apologize for your DP62. And don't assume that a mid-level VPI turntable is any better. Properly serviced and in a good plinth, your DP62 is a superb tt. I agree with all the others; it appears you would be best off with the high output version, given your present phono stage. I like the vintage "feel" of your chosen components.

By the way (from the Grado website), "All Grado cartridges now use a derivation of the moving iron principle which feature patented OPTIMIZED TRANSMISSION LINE cantilever technology, PIVOTED FIXED AXIAL STYLUS-GENERATOR MODULE, and Grado's FLUX-BRIDGER GENERATOR SYSTEM." So they are not MM; they are MI. This means nothing except that MI cartridges have lower moving mass than either MM or MC, which is a good thing and why Grado's sound so good, IMO.
Wow folk!

Thank for all the support. I do like the DP62. It is a high WAF TT. I bought it for my wife. She likes it because it looks good, and the arm lifts at the end of the music. I have a Thorens TD-160 and a TD-190 in mothballs should the DP62 should ever fail. Perhap the local HiFi dealer besmirched my DP62 because he want to sell me Rega RP-3 for $1,100 + change. It' a good thing I don't impulse buy. So far I haven't invested too much for the system:

3 McIntosh MC-60 mono amp not working $40.00 /per amp I fixed them.
1 Audio refinement preamp used $275.00 off c-list
2 ESS amt1a speakers working fine ugly but free. I made them prettier but they till need work.
1 Teac X-10R tape deck not working free. I fixed it.
1 Magnavox CDB-610 work fine $30.00 C-list
1 Denon DP62L $250 perfect condition
1 Magnum Dynalab dealer Demo perfect condition. $600.

so far I'm keeping it on a budget.

I don't earn as much money working at a grocery tore a I did as a Mechanical Engineer o the system evolution will be slow.