Grado "Prestige" Gold cartridge with sumiko and AR

I am just curious if any one can share their experiance with The Grado Gold cartridge on a fairly budget system, I have heard some rumors of it Being the best bang for the buck, however that some people have experianced humming problems from the grado line, I am currently looking to purchase this cartridge to set it up on a AR ES-1 with Sumiko tonearm. If this is a bad idea please let me know, I listen to mostly Hard-rock music but do not want the ACCURATE CD type sound that Say the SHURE cartridges will produce, I would like the Kinda Warm yet accurate sound that the grados are suppose to achieve. And any other Suggestions in a cartridge for about the same money-150.00-appreciated. THANKS
I picked up a new one from an ebay dealer for $ 100.00 I use it with my Linn LP-12 /Lingo . It is very nice . It is a great sounding cartridge. When $$$ loosens up or a great deal on one of the crazy cartridges comes along maybe I will upgrade. Plus the Grado is a great match for my Sonic Frontiers Sig 1 phono section without changing the resisters.