Grado PS 1000 vs Sennheiser HD800 Headphones

Anyone have the chance to compare these two?
I could only afford to buy one,the Senn HD800s. They are very nice.
I personally want clarity above all in my stuff.
They are heavy, yet I can wear them for many hours, no problem. Also, many headphone make my ears sweat (yuck) The Senn HD800 do not have this problem.
I have an aftermarket cord for them. (Small private brand)
The ONE area I have to complain is the high frequency is 'prominent'.. not exaggerated, but it is THERE, and cheap amplification suckss. Actually really cheap is not bad. say straight out of a Cd changer.. It is when I use a headphone amp that is not very good.. HF is too much and the sound is 'what you put in, is what you get out' . Best headphone amps for the Senn HD800 are tubed. The Little Dot is great for $200., My SinglePower MPX3 is really SUPER with 6BL7's in it with the Senn HD800. but if you are up on Singlepower, there IS the myth that it may explode and kill me at any moment (according to some folks out there... LOL.)
Right now I have had the phone on for over four hours tonight, straight from a Sony SCD 333ES changer.
I own Beyerdynamic DT990 and they are 'more forgiving' but less precise, though the DT990s seem to have better bass balance.
I would just say the tonal balance of the Senn HD800 is not 'heavy' for sure.
(so for super low 'blow your brains out bass'.. the Senn are NOT the right phones, unless you want the highs to really scream at the same time...)
The lows are there, just not mind blowing...
My MUCH cheaper Sony V6 ? model? are strong bass with no class. Just your usual $80 phones.
So... I am damning with faint praise the Senn HD800. IF you want a superior true to the music headphone, with a slight tilt up in the treble, with super clarity, the Senns are perfect. If you want bass up the wazoo... you will be unhappy with the Senn HD800.
They also give you just what you put in. They want superior electronics to sound good. They do sound 'acceptable' with cheap ones, if you are OK with the treble tilt.
I probably have about a hundred and fifty hours of playing them so far. And I do NOT play loud at all. So my at ear sound level is around 70dB to 80dB "A" weighted at most.