Grado Prestige Gold or Ortofon OM 30 Super

I have a trusty Systemdek 2x with the stock Profile arm and contemplating whether to get a Grado Gold or an Ortofon OM30. My setup leans towards the warm side of the musical spectrum and I listen almost exclusively to acoustic jazz (ocassionally some fusion): PS Audio 5.6 preamp, PS Audio Delta 100, Esoteric D500 Transport, Assemblage 2.0 DAC, and Mirage OM7 speakers; interconnects are Cardas Quadlink 5c's, Cardas Lightning Digital Cable and Kimber 8tc in double runs for biwire. Any recommendations out there would be appreciated.
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I vote for the Ortofon. Some people prefer the OM20. In my so-so system the Ortofon had a melodious/rhthymic feel to it and the Grado was just "OK". I felt the Ortofon was the best cheap cartridge to just enter audiophile-ness and of course both the cartridges you mentioned can be bettered by spending more money. Let us know how it works out for you and best wishes, Mike.
I use a Grado Reference Platinum on a Linn LP12. It's not perfect--probably a little too warm--but there is a sort of magic and involvement that I haven't heard with many other cartridges.

Another Ortofon worth considering would be the 500 series. I'm considering trying on my LP12. These are harder to come by, but they are supposed to be better than the OM series. I think the styli can be upgraded (say, getting a 520 to replace a 510 stylus) like you can with the OM series. Even better, they use closed mounting holes, which can make installation a lot easier.
Do yourself the best favor just go the whole 9 and pick up the Ortofon 540MKII cart. I own one and this sucker has incredible high frequency transparency without a hint of etch. From my experience with different stylus geometries the Fritz-Geiger stylus is awesome it seems to really dig out the detail in a recording and frequency extention hints to 20Khz and higher information is there noticing this in the initial attack of cymbals I especially notice this in Jazz. This is the only cart I know of that offers that stylus design so I find it a bargain. This may open up the top end a bit but not over-emphasize it. I find this one is a bargain for how musical and transparent it is. Hope this helps.

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The Grado Prestige Black is better than the OM 30 so I think a Grado Gold would obviously be better.