Grado Platinum: which is better high or lo output?

I am getting a Rega 2000 P3 and want to get
a Grado Platinun Cartridge. I know about the
hum but I want the lush sound so I'll deal with

Which sounds better, the high output or low output
version? My Classe preamp has both MM and MC settings
so I can go either way.

Theoretically, the shorter signal path the better is the signal. In lo-output cartridge the length of coil is smaller than in hi-output.
The only question is how low you can go with your phono i.e. Platinum lo-output version has output of .5mV which requires a minimum of 55 dB gain.
If your preamp can handle the 0.5mv output(and the mc section should) then this is no contest, go with the low output version. I use a grado reference 1.5mv(they don't make them anymore) with a VPI TNT.


I forgot to mention my system and listening tastes.
Classe CA100, CP45, Aerius i, and I listen to music
like the rolling stones, pink floyd, and fleetwood mac.
Do you think the low output is the way to go with
this kind of music? If so...

What is the spec for the current low output Platinum?
The Grado website only lists 5mv for the Platinum.
You said the 1.5mv are discontued. So is there a newer
version of the low output platinum or do I need to
hunt for a discontinued 1.5mv..??

My response is no way! Grado's been getting away with murder. I have a Grado cartride and I just cleaned the volume control of my low output MC preamp for the first time and the hum became even more noticeable. Shame on those people.

I've been told by the most experienced salesman in Needledoctor to go for the Ortofon Kontrapunkt A. Kenny told me it's unbelievably fast, silent and great for any type of music unlike the rest of the low output MCs.

Give them a call...

What does type of music has to do with cartridge output?
Grado Platinum isn't the end of the world; if you go for Benz-Micro Glider .8mv output version you will be OK with built-in MC-phonos. Ordering it from Hong Kong will keep your budget the same as with Grado Platinum. Very rock-friendly Dynavector 20Xl, 20XH. I assume that 20XH is more suitable for your built-in phono for the same price as Grado Platinum but overall performance is noticably audiable.
Going for the lower output than .9mV will most-likely require a good stand-alone MC phono preamp (~45dB of gain).
Low output is OK with rock and OK with any kind of music as long as you have enough gain to bring it to preamp.
Psychicanimal statement is right that the cartridge output has nothing to do with kinds of music.
Lo output is slightly better IMO. Don't know yr Classe, but would be surprised if you can't get the loading, etc., right. Mara, above, also lists some good alternative cartridges...

My apologies for not getting back sooner(haven't been surfing). Grado has a new statement series all of which have an output of 0.5mv. They have same names as the 5mv reference series, i.e. platinum, sonata, etc. except their called statement platinum etc. The price is the same as their 5mv versions. The big difference is far less turns with thicker wire which drops the impedence and resistance significantly creating better sound. Go back to the Grado web site and look at "whats new" and the Statement series of cartridges for more info. The 1.5mv version was made special for VPI because the 5mv version would overload high gain phono sections.

The moving coil phono section should be able to handle the 0.5mv but you should call Classe to make sure. Around 55-60db of gain is what need.(in the phono section,more is even better)

About the other cartridges, I have not heard them and can't comment. Regarding hum, the 5mv version will hum in the Rega as it gets over the motor, towards the inner grooves. The 0.5mv version shouldn't because of it's much lower output. Happy listening.