Grado Platinum vs. Dynavector 10x5 vs. Sumiko BPS

I am going between these three carts as my next cart., but am needing bit more info before the purchase. The table/arm combo consists of a Linn Basik's motor, psu, bearing, and shaft/sub-platter/platter and an Akito arm transplanted to a chopping block, running through a Musical Fidelity X-LPS stage. What do you guys think? Are there some other carts I should be considering?
10x5 will give you more rez,deeper & wider stage,better focus..its an mc .........if you want softer more lush sound then grado is the way to go.......if your system is already lush or tube like.......then 10x5 would fix that......i would stay away from sumiko period.......also linn adikt is a cart you should check out.....its in between of the grado and 10x5....and is a very easy load...very nice sounding cart.