Grado Platinum VS Dynavector 10x4 MkII

I there anyone who has listened to both, pros and cons. One these will be mounted on a VPI Aries Scout.
Thanks in advance for your feedback. J.N.
I have had both but unfortunately on different tables. The Dyna on my current Scout and the Plat on my old P25.
To me the Plat a bit lumpy and not as coherent as the Dyna. It still makes beautiful music but the tone of instruments seems exagerated and although pleasant it becomes distracting. Imaging is not as good as with the Dyna as well. Take note though that this "comparison" was done on different tables.
The Dyna was acorss the board more dynamic but never sacrificed tone or PRAT. Both are good carts but at this point it's preference.
Hope that helps
I had both on the same table, VPI Jr with Rega RB 300 arm. I much preferred the Dynavector. The Grado was warm and musical, but with no high end it sounded dull and lifeless. The Dynavector bass is leaner, but the high's are there. Not bright, but airy and done very well. I kept the 10X4 mk II, needless to say.

I've used a number of grados from the gold up to the statement (including the plat, master and reference) on my aries/jmw 10 rig. also have had the dynavector 10x4 mII and it's big sibling the 20x. I completely agree with Vik and John. In fact the 10x4 is one of my favourite carts at any price. call me crasy but it does more for me (just sounds more musical) than the 20x. I am not the only one to say this so maybe I'm not crasy or maybe it's just system dependent). incidently, it was Harry at VPI who strongly suggested I try the 20. I do love the Grado sound, but comparing those two carts I'd highly recommend the Dyna.
J.N. - what phono stage will it be used with?
Thank-you everyone for all the responses, I really appreciate the feedback. I am using a Musical Fidelity XLPS, the later version X-can version. It is great phono stage for the price point. I would like to upgrade eventualy to a higher end phono, but first things first. I am ordering my Scout in the next week so it sounds like the dynavector may be the one, but will it mate well with the XLPS??
You may want to wait for the 10x5, which should be coming out shortly. I did not have the Platinum, but had the Sonata and two Dynavectors 10x4II and 20x. The Dynas sound more lively and exciting while the Grado is more laid back with a lush sounding midrange. If you listen to a lot of vocals the Grado would be better, for everything else go for the Dynas.
I own both the Grado Reference (the Reference) and the Dyna 10x4 MkII. I really like them both, but the one that stays in is the Grado. For three times the price it ought to. However, the comparison is really close. Both are very smooth throughout, but the Grado is just a bit more 'there'. Not having heard the Platinum, I would have to venture a guess about that comparison, but my guess is that any compromise on the Grado side would tip the scale toward the Dyna.
The Dyno line gets even better as you move up. Consider Stretching for the Karat or the XX2. I love my XX2.
Always a Grado man but have heard above before.Maybe Clearaudio Arum Beta S if you can get it where you live just to throw another out.At $350 was leasrt expensive cart in Stereophiles class B.But listen to your system and if you want warmer go Grado.I use a Grado Sonata on my VPI Aries and sometimes miss the sizzle and snap I got from a Rega Super Elys though the Grado is much better.I might look into the Dynavector my damn self!
I got the Scout/JMW9/Dyna20X myself. However, I warn you: the sooner you get that order placed the better. I've been waiting almost 2 months for my table, and I ordered long before Art Dudley's review in the 2/03 Stereophile. Wait times are no doubt going to skyrocket as a result of that review.
Great responses! I will use this info wisely.

Thanks again! I've gotta get my new rig ordered.