Grado or Shure

I have a 35 year old Shure V-15 series III. Has technology advanced to where I would be better off to purchase a Grado Reference Platinum 1, or re-tip my Shure. The Grado is all I can afford at this time. Read some really good reviews on it. Or do you have another recommendation for the same $$?
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I've enjoyed Shure's products for many years and presently have a Grado woodbody which is also very nice. Your choice might best be determined by fitness of application because both are good products. Compare cartrige compliance with suitability to the effective mass of your table's arm. refer to Vinyl Engine for further details
Dear Handymann: Ten months ago you asked the same about that Shure cartridge where you obtain the same answers:

What's goes on?

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks for your responses-both times. I see the Shure gets all the votes. I have been contemplating this for a year. I had already ordered the higher end stylus, but began to 2nd guess myself. I only became aware of Gon about a year ago. Can't believe I've spent years making choices in the dark. One thing I have noticed, most of you are patient people. Thanks for your suggestions and comments.