Grado Mono Reference Cartridge

I'm using it right now and it makes a world of difference as far as opening up mono records. They sound explosive and wide open. Timbres are vastly improved versus a stereo catridge. Anyone else using a mono catridge as well?
Can you be very specific about the Grado model you are using? Did you buy direct from Grado? Grado does not seem to advertise these mono cartridges.
My understanding is that any Grado cartridge can be ordered in Mono. Maybe check with your dealer. I think it is the same for Benz.
It is the Grado Reference with a 5mv output.
Grado also makes a model in the Prestige line that is designed for mono LPs. (They talk about it on their web site,
Grado makes a model MC+Mono Cartridge $80 and a ME+ Mono Cartride $130. Buy it at / 800-449-8333.