Grado Model PH-1 Phono Preamp

I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Grado Model PH-1 Phono Preamp. Any owners of this phono stage care to share their experience?
I had one for a year or so and I really don't have many complaints about it. It was a great stepping stone into my new obsession, ha.

It has an exceptionally warm disposition, which could be a good thing or a bad thing given the system/room you are putting it in.
Thanks for responding Ohnofiasco ,
I am looking to get back into vinyl after many years and a warm-smooth disposition is a sound quality I tend to prefer.
Your response has been very helpful to me. Thanks
I have one, and connected into my ARC Ref1 Pre, I really liked it a lot, but the ARC was a great tube Pre. I also have a Audio Technica.

I own a Shindo Masseto, so I have everything I want built right into the Preamp.

If your still looking for a Grado PH1, PM me, I have the box paperwork, good condition. Would be great if it found a home with a "Goner"

John (Jprest), I am still looking for a Grado PH1 and would be interested in yours.
John , just let me know when you place your add here on Audiogon for the phono stage. Thanks, Tim