Grado Labs SR60e Review

Hi Guys,

My name is Roman and I am fairly new to the HiFi community, I have years have experience as a DJ. Yes a real DJ haha I am lucky enough to get paid for a passion. Just recently I fell in love with HiFi audio its a world of different from blasting bass and just getting music as loud as you can to hear. To actually hearing EVERY note its amazing.... Im Addicted

So addicted now that I decided to dedicate some time and start reviewing some products. Just recently I did a little review on Grado Prestige SR60e head phones
I have a pair of Beyerdynamic dt 950 coming in the mail I cant wait to review.

What are some Budget friendly headphones you guys think I should review?

Thanks in advanced I really look forward to learning everything I can about Hifi audio!
For the BEST get STAX electrostats!
Less expensive and in second-place are HiFi Man planars!
There was an issue not long ago by The Absolute Sound (TAS) devoted to headphones. Check it out! All models covered!
Get an online subscription to TAS and Stereophile. This will allow you to access their back issues.
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