Grado Labs customer service.

Just wanted to say thanks to Grado Labs for their excellent customer service...   they responded extremely fast and obviously are passionate about audio and want their customers to enjoy their products.    Thanks again !
@oddiofyl  Thank you for sharing this.  You've shown that Grado Labs again proves making high quality audio products in America and backing them up doesn't need to cost top dollar
They definitely have great service.  The wood finish on my G1000 headphones deteriorated after the warranty expired and they replaced the pieces at no cost.  Top notch.  
I am absolutely loving my RS2e.   They retrieve details that I’ve never heard before.  I am rediscovering my CD’s and records all over again.  I am driving them with my NAD M51 DAC onto a Massdrop O2 Headphone amp .   I’m blown away by how great the Grados sound with a $100 amp and a good source.   
I've had good experiences with Grado Labs. When I had a short in my SR-80s, they fixed it in a timely fashion for a reasonable fee. Later, when one of its gimbals broke, they sent me a free one that I was able to install myself. I still used my 80s even after I invested in the lightweight, audiophile GS-1000. I use it every day because I like its lively open sound, rather than the veiled sound of other headsets I've tried. I like 'phones that are light enough that I can wear them for hours. I've found the Grado company friendly to deal with.