Grado Hemp Headphones

I was Jonesing so decided to hookah up with this sight unseen.  Hope I don't get bummed.  The dealer has been around a while so I doubt he will flake.
Bud seriously, these do look cool and I have been wanting some headphones for a while. 
From Grado website: "To be blunt, this is one of the best sounding we've built... ....but the headphone is a joint effort. We've built maple into the housing". it seem's to me the Hemp is possibly a bit of a marketing ploy as it is used as some sort of inside damping material, which very well could help sonically. They ARE very attractive to me. I'd be interested to hear user's feedback. Should go over well with Grateful Dead fandom, also the Hipster crowd. Just kidding. 
Never heard a bad sounding Grado and those look way cool.

Very groovy man, yeah!!!!
Bud seriously, flake, dealer been around for a while...Hookah, up...

Okey dokey... I'm in...

Puff puff, pass, puff, puff, pass...

The Bong Show?  OK got the word from Rich that the phones are shipping and be here Monday!  Pretty stoked...
The box included an XL tee shirt in cotton so that set the tone.  The carrying case looks nice and at 35 bucks an ok deal.  Lovely picture and packaging inside the box.  These guys ooze class and quality.
The phones are more solid than they appear in the picture.  The cord is serious and not flexible, thick and almost hangs in mid air.  The adapter from 3.5 mm to 1/4" is gold plated? and very tight fit so that's encouraging.
They fit tight, but seem comfortable within 15 minutes.  I wear a hat and they work well on top of the hat.  The pads seem to hold the phones close to the ear which I think works well.
The sound?  It's pretty damn good, I have no basis for comparison.  I wouldn't say bright vs. my ribbon tweeters, not harsh and cymbals sound realistic which is one of my measures.  The mids are lovely.  The bass is a bit weak but not bad, I mean not a 12" woofer bass but nice.  Tight.  Bass guitar tone sweet.  Instruments sound as they should. 

I give them a 9 out of 10 because 8 seems low and 10 seems optimistic.  Very nice though.