Grado Gold versus Denon DL-160 ????

I recently acquired a Thorens TD-290 for $100 (a decent table made by Project but nothing great for sure).
I've been researching carts - Audio Tech 440 (MM), Shure 97 (MM), Grado Gold (MM), Denon DL-160 (MC HO). Benz Micro MC20(MC HO). I know some of these are at difference price points. The Denon, and Micro are at the limit of what I want to spend. Hopefully I can acquire a gently used cart for a good price. I would appreciate suggestions for best overall cart for this table given my price point. I listen to Jazz, Pop, Rock. I like detailed, open sound that leans slightly towards 'tube like' warm, with a decent bottom end.
Current system:
Modded Cambridge 640P phono pre, TAD 150 Signature tube line stage, Sonic Frontiers Power 2 tube amp, QUAD 22L2 speakers, JBL Subwoofer
Cheers and hope to hear from ya!!!!!
Thanks gentlemen - DL-160 it will be.
Any special considerations for setup that you are aware of?
I have owned dozens of cartridges and the Denon 160 is without a doubt the king of budget cartridges. Has the PRAT of the Denon 103 but with more detail.

It really likes a warmer sounding phono stage like the Pro-Ject tube box or the Rega Fono. While reasonably transparent many will perceive the 160 as bright. It is not. However, system synergy should be a consideration. Also it will work fine at 47k but sounds better if you can load it a 10k.
It will be a good choice for you if your modded Cambridge phono is tilted slightly to the warmish side. For example a Gram Slee phono would probably make the 160 sound a little too dry and lean.

Also the soundstaging of this cartridge is its forte --- as in HUGE !