Grado Color Coded Pins

I am trying to mount a Grado Statement on my Audio Mecca Romance but I am lost when it comes to Grados Color codes G, R, L, H.
Which tonearm leads to they correspond to (color and function)
Thanks for any help
R = Right +
W = Left +
G = R -
B = L -
But the codes on the Cartridge are
Can someone give me the formula
ie. G = Right Hot
R = Right Ground
L = Left Hot
H = Left Ground
I realize the above is incorrect but I need the actual functions each letter is for.
Okey Dokey -- the two pins near the H are BOTH hot (+) pins. The two pins near the G are BOTH ground (--) pins.

The two pins near the L are BOTH left channel and the two pins near the R are BOTH right channel.

Example: The pin between the H and the R is Right Channel Positive. Etc, etc, etc.


BTW, that's a top of the line cartridge. Didn't it come w/ an instruction sheet?
No Cart only used from the gon
H denotes HOT (+) R right=Red L left=White

G Denotes Grnd(-) R right=Green L left=Blue

I had this same quandry with an older Grado, fortunately I had a color coded Audioquest M-1 for reference.

Hope this helps. Enjoy!

hey, I just upgraded from a dual 701 to a rega p3. I have a grado gold cartridge. I tried the pin configuration which was said above. I can only hear the left channel though. I connected the RCA cables to my phono input. Not sure why its not working. I know the preamp/ phono works. Could it be the cable or the cartridge? ( I just moved so could the cartridge have been damaged during shipping?). It looks ok from looking at it, not sure the insides are working. Any suggestions?