Grado cartridge marked

Hello everyone. I would like to buy a Grado cartridge, but have no indication on the model. The body is made of dark(er) wood and has 2 letters on top - T R. Can someone please shed some light on my dilemma? Thank you very much!
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Might translate into "The Reference."
Check out for the details/comments on this cartridge.
Also, can call Grado directly to be sure what production variations there may be with this particular lettering.
Have you actually heard this in a system from which it will be extracted?
Yes it's "The Reference" and MSRP is $1200. I had one.
Thank you very much for the information posted. I saw a reference before, but the wood was lighter in color and did not have any kind of markings on it.
To answer your question, yes, I listened to it and sounds fantastic! My best regards.
It's the Reference .. the output version and not the Statement (serie) with 0.5mv output
Great cartidge mr. Fffccc don't miss to buy if good bargain
I own the Grado Statement Master and I'm super-very-happy
I suggest to buy the Grado Phono Stage for a perfect match

My cent!
Thank you for the comment Curio, I got it now and look forward to set it up this weekend. Sounded so good in his system that I was not able to say no to it. And if it sounds the same on mine, looks like I will have a Clearaudio cart for sale pretty soon.
On my last post, I forgot to thank Dopogue for the information and I apologize. Thanks everyone for your input, feels great to have a door to knock on when in need.
And to quote a weirder by the day Ringo Star:
Peace and love, peace and love !!!