grado cartridge differences

Has anyone compared various grado cartridges? Is there a noticeable difference in sound?
In my experience with Grados over the years, there are noticeable improvements as you move up the line and increased costs have seemed to me to be reasonably matched with commensurate sound improvement. The wood bodies are overall better than the plastic body models. The first of the wood bodies that gets my attention has been the Sonata. The last Grado I used was the 1.5mv output wood bodied Reference (about $1200 at the time, about six years ago) and I felt I'd received good value for my money in the upgrade process.
ditto. The cheaper Grados are a bit thick and a little tizzy on the very top. Transparancy and neutrality noticably imrove with each step up while remaining smooth and rich.
I have used the Reference Sonata for a few years and just upgraded to the Statement Statement. I loved the Sonata for its mid range vocals and imaging. The Statement is a major step up which brings beautiful clear highs, crisp bass, an even more involving soundstage, and a precision to instrumentation so I am hearing amazing detail.