Grado Blue Stylus perfect with Gold cart?


First post here. I have a Thorens 160 that uses an old Grado M2+ (gold equivalent) and am looking for a new stylus.

I have run across someone that says a Blue Stylus will sound just as good as a Gold, and that the Grado styli are basically the same thing, just packaged differently.

Supposedly, the Grado grading system tests only cartridge tolerances, which then results in the cart grade. Anyone care to clear this up for me? Will a Blue Stylus in my Gold Cart sound just as good as a Gold Stylus?

Thanks for any response.
Thanks for the reply.

I have a Grado Gold>Thorens TD160>Cambridge 640P> Sansui 9090 > JBL 166 Horizons.

I used a Pioneer SA-8800 only as a phono pre because of the adjustable cartridge settings and the Cambridge 640P blew it away. This cartridge is hopefully the last step in getting this system set, before I embark on a Macintosh quest.

Will research the 8mcv stylus. Thanks again.
No the styli are different and sound different, the cantilevers are tapered differently and the diamond stylus has a different shape. The blue will fit in the gold and will sound good and depending on your system may not sound too different. But if your system is more high end then the difference will be easily heard. If your looking for a good upgrade go to the Grado signature 8mcv stylus, it has an even better stylus ( twin tip )and will give you the performance towards the Grado wood body cartridges.