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No room for my 3.6 Magnepans. Downsized my room to 14x17. Most speakers don't sound correct in the bass region. Have Lamm 1.1 power amps. Any thoughts about the Gradients.
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Your room is dictating the Pregnant bass hump.
if a speaker was accurate out of the factory for your room it would be broken in its design concept.

There is a company in bis for many years that can deal with this
particular issue but it's not for the simple or feeble-minded types.
 Research the Vandersteen Quatro CT Phase /Time  with analog Room compensation its
able to be adjusted even just a few inches out from the wall and perform far beyond expectations.
 Best JohnnyR
if the Gradient speakers let alone
any full range speaker is up
14 DB at the say the 78 hz room resonance please tell me  what can he do with that speaker as a real solution?
best JohnnyR