Grace Potter and the Nocturnals?

Hi all.

Was flipping through the channels and caught some of this act on PBS tonight.

They were on Artists Den from Bryant Park. Caught the last few songs.

Never heard of them before, but liked what I heard. Think I'm going to buy the latest release after searching on line and reading a little.

Searched here and came up no matches.

I'm sure someone here is familiar. Anyone?

Thanks in advance.


I LOVE Grace Potter! I've replied to several threads about female vocalists and mentioned Grace Potter there.

I saw her and the Nocturnals at Red Rocks this summer. They were AWESOME!

The newest album is excellent. I also have her other (3) albums.
A fan here too!
Lots of good stuff of there's on Youtube. Maybe a better live band than a recording band?? Can't quite figure out the "glam" direction they went on for the last year or so.

Check out this cover of Neil Young's Cortez the Killer featuring Grace and Joe Satriani:


No idea why she didn't turn up on a search here.

But based on yours and the other enthusiastic replies, can't wait to get some!

Thanks folks!


Good Stuff!
I used to date her in high school. She can sing..
You can see a casual and intimate performance of theirs at Hall (Hall and Oates) is a big supporter and host many artists at his home studio and you can see some of the performances at his site. Check the show archive and there's a pic of Grace and Daryl you can click on.
I was in the front row right in front of her when she came to Chastain here in Atlanta. Great legs - I mean sound. The band really rocks. - Jim

Just watched the youtube link. Awesome!



i,ve got "this is somewhere" on right now. very nice and thanks for the suggestion.
I saw her live in Vail and she really is terrific.
I enjoy "This is Somewhere."

When I saw GP&N, it put me in the mind of a Van Halen cover band fronted by Tina Turner -- I suppose you might think this a good or bad thing, depending on your taste. I wouldn't have thought it possible for someone to jump so high in three inch heels without serious injury!