Grace 940 unipivot tonearm

Hi everybody,
My first post even though I've been reading the forum for quite long time.
I bought recently a brand new(!) [never used in the box]940 Grace tonearm.My first unipivot .And I have some questions to put to all the experienced users of this tonearm.
It came with a bottle of dumping oil as thick as honey.I was not able to take it off the bottle with the plastic syringe .
Is it supposed to be that thick or it is so because of aging ?
What oil viscosity should I use?(100-200-or more)
Is the tonearm better suited with high comliance cartridges?
Right now I use a JVC Z1 with Jico SAS stylus and even though I am quite pleased with the result the combination doesn't pass the truckability tests of HiFinews record.(3 last trucks of side 1).
Am I doing something wrong or should I go for a new cartridge (or tonearm)?
The damping fluid in my unipovot Kuzma Stogi S is also very thick. I had to take some out until it just barely touched the hanging down paddles.
The stuff is supposed to be thick. Hard to say if yours has become damaged with age?

Unipivots are great arms!!
I have had a Manepan Unitrac, and the Kuzma Stogi S.
Do not abandon the arm over some goop.
You can use the arm without it, but a little really does a good job of steadying the arm.Too much will kill the sound.

Personally you could try another product at the dampening material. Gear lube could work.
You want something about the consistency of honey.
Thanks Elizabeth,
Grace suggests 0,5 cc to be used but I find difficult to measure it.Any suggestions of what kind of oil I should use .
What about it.
Search eBay "silicon cst" for the non audiophile alternative. Not sure what grace recommeded but you have lots of options of weights to use on eBay
The amount of damping to use on the tonearm varies with the cartridge used, and its interface with the arm. Use only one drop, listen, add a drop, listen again, etc...until the sound not only doesn't get better, but will collapse. Remove that last drop with a Q-tip or the point of a small screwdriver, or toothpic.
Is grace 940 concidered a low-mass tonearm ?
Would match with Sonus blue-gold?
Any information would be very much appreciated
Assuming that the damping fluid in your arm is easily removable via Q-Tips or whatever, it's kinda fun to experiment with different levels and viscosities of various fluids. Well, if you find it fun, that is :-)

You don't have to limit yourself to what's sold as damping fluid. I've tried everything from STP to Johnson's Baby Oil, over the years.
Dear Manos58: Not exactly low mass but the 940 has a " big " advantage because is a removable headshell design so you can mate almost any cartridge ( including that Sonus. ) with it trying with different headshell's weight and build material. IMHO you don't have to worry about, btw I like this Grace very much.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thank you all for the useful answers and ideas.
Any thoughts about antiskating?It's not needed?
Audiocraft 300 (quite similar in desgn)has one.