Grace 940 or micro seiki 505

I have a Technics sp10 for a tt. I am currently using a Grace 940 tonearm. The Grace requires a male din on the phono cable so finding an upgraded cable is a royal pain and then if you find one and want to resell good luck. I am considering purchasing a Micro Seiki 505 to eliminate the cable problem. My question is will I loose sq? Does anyone have direct experience with both arms?? Thanks
I have no experience with either and would like to know the same but it looks like no one has direct experience with the two.

Why not look into changing the grace din to a male one, I would think it wouldn't be a big task.

Check pdf here for measurements

See DINs, M DIN at link for pdf.
I have listened to both arms and the time span in between doesn't allow me to make an informed comparison. What I can say is that both arms were/are a pleasant listening experience. With that said I purchased a Cardas GR phono cable and Cardas will reterminate for 50.00 and I will continue to enjoy the 940. If a 505 comes available for the right price I will purchase one.