Grace 902 as Preamp?

Is anyone using this thing as a preamp? And if so, what did it replace and how do you like it? I've been going back and forth on my next stero move, and the idea of combining preamp, dac, and headphone amp seems really appealing. Here's what it would replace for me:
EAD 7000 dac, MF xCansv2, Audible Illusions 2D pre
Of course, I'd have to get a stand alone phono stage, but still . . . Thoughts?
While I don't have a 902, I do use a Grace 901 as my DAC and pre-amp. (as I'm sure you know, the 901 was the pre-curser to the m902. based on everything I've read, the analog section is very, very similar, if not identical, while the m902 has a better DAC). So, that said, while I enjoy the DAC and usually run digi into the 901, I think the analog circuitry is where the Grace really shines. just a very smooth and detailed sound.

I haven't heard what you may replace, so I cannot offer a direct comparison. If you already have the grace, it'd be pretty easy to set it up and do a comparison for yourself. but I'd definitely encourage using the 902 as a pre-amp.
Get a receiver and replace all.