Grace 727 or 747 tonearm setup question.

Hi, I picked up a Grace tone arm I think it is a 727 or 747 model tonearm for free. It looks just like the 727 literature sheet that a friend had including the removeable headshell. The sheet doesn't have the information I need. I will mount it on an Oracle Delphi table. My question is what is the proper table spindle to arm pivot center distance. Thank's to anyone that can help.
I have a 727 on my planar 3 tt, and I still have all the original documentation for it. I'm at work now, but if you'll wait until this evening and email me ( I'll try to give you the info you need.
I have a Grace (707?) on Delphi, still sound pretty nice. Could I add one question to thread. I am thinking upgrading the phono cable, mine is maybe 20 years old now. Could anyone suggest one cable <$200. Also I am not sure what Grace's pin layout is, not open it for so long. Thanks for input.
The Rega Planar 2 I bought 13 or so years ago had a 747 arm on it (I still use it!) I measured the distance as 8.75 inches exactly. Try that distance. It always performed beautifully. Good luck with it.