Grace 704 vs. 707 Tonearm questions.

Someone gave me a Denon DP 6000 table mounted with a
Grace 704 tonearm. I took it into a shop to have it checked out, and a cartridge mounted (I picked up a Grado Blue). At the shop, the tech noted that the 704 is a unipivot arm, and so is designed to use with a conical stylus, whereas the Grado has an ellipical stylus. He mentioned that someone else who has a turntable in his shop with a Grace 707 arm is looking for a unipivot arm, and might be interested in swapping his 707 for my 704.

How critical is using a conical stylus (vs. elliptical) on
the 704?
If I trade the 704 for the 707 straight up (assuming both
are in equal condition), am I getting the better or worse
end of the deal?


No, no, no. Terrible trade. The 704 is a terrific sounding arm that is additionally very rare, collectable and worth a bit of money. It is much better built, and sounds much better than the 707 as even a cursory inspection will show you. It works very well with medium compliance cartridges of any stylus profile. The crap about unipivots being good only for conical stylii is utter rubbish. Current unipivots include the Graham, Immedia, VPI and Morch. All selling for over $1000.00. It would be foolish to think that these could not be used with modern cartridges with their advanced sylus shapes. Feel free to contact me directly before you get taken to the cleaners. BTW, the DP6000 is one of the great, classic tables; you have yourself quite a nice setup. With a little tweeking it will sound very good.