Graaf Power Amp Info Needed

I borrowed my friends Graaf 5050 tube amp 50 wpc push/pull design. It sounds very nice but this model is no longer made and has been replaced with GM-100. I have concerns about buying one and getting it repaired in the future. Does anyone have experience with Graaf tube amps? What other stereo tube amps would you recommend and why.

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Contact: (Gary Kaye)

He is the distributor.

Please tell him that I sent you. ... He's a friend.

Richard (in San Francisco)
This is a beautiful amp. I wish I had kept mine. Better looking than the '100.
I would suggest Graaf GM200.

Check with Graaf North America distributor Alephtec Technologies Corp, they are having some special package with Graaf amplifier and Bosendorfer loudspeaker.

More info can be found from link below: