Graaf GM50, can it drive Tannoy Turnberry ?

I am using a Tannoy Turnberry SE very happily with a simple Naim Nait 5i. I get very good drive, good tone, deep clean bass and in generally a very vivid music. It is all good.

Today a Graaf GM50 has come up for sale locally and that has caught my attention. A high quality full tube OTL amp looks delicious. The price is also affordable. But will it drive a Turnberry ? Tone, Dynamics and PRAT are three most important things I look for. I listen to a lot of Rhythmic stuff like Classic rock, swing and blues. Sacrificing dynamics for better tone is not exactly my preference, I say this because I know a lot of tube amps can better the Naim in tonal depth. What can I expect from the Graaf + Tannoy combo ?

I cannot audition it because the seller is not allowing that. Will listen to you guys instead.
Another contender is Atmasphere M60 OTL.
This speaker is an easy load for any OTL!
I honestly believe the Graaf amplifier would be an overall improvement driving your Rannoys.Best of Luck.
Thank you for the responses.
I am happy to learn that my Turnberry so tube friendly. I was always weary of tubes because with my Naim SS I get a very solid slam along with liquid music. I hope the OTLs would retain that slam and dynamic swings ??