Gr Research speakers?

Any comments on this brand.
Danny Richie does an excellent job at designing speakers for his company as well as others. Danny is know for making inexpensive drivers sound good because of his XO design and cabinet construction.

I have a pair of his Paradox 3's (no longer made) and you would have to pry them out of my cold dead hands to get them.

Look at AV123 to see his contracted work. Also, he worked on at least one model for Usher. He is a straight shooter so if you have specific model questions you can ask him over at Audio Cirle.

The line arrays in my system are Danny's design, and pretty incredible, IMO of course....
I just received a box from GR-Research of upgraded components for my old crossovers. Danny looked at the old parts, measured the values of the inductors, and supplied me with new air-core inductors, new capacitors, and told me that the resistors were good enough to use again. He was very cost vs. quality conscious picking the parts. He could have measured the response and designed new crossovers, but it wasn't worth the cost, including shipping a speaker, to me.

When I get everything installed in one speaker I'll do a comparison and post the results.

Danny's web site is a bit out of date. He as three new monitor speakers using the Bohlender Graebener Neo3PDR planar tweeter, and will upgrade his existing monitors with this tweeter. Also, he has his own driver and custom amp for the Rythmik Audio servo subwoofers.
Great stuff, I like my LS-9's
av 3 very nice cheap too

i have heard many that costed far more but did not
make close to this quality of music

good for tube amps too

no affiliation with the builder at all, just heard them
at the RMAF