GR Research Power Cables

This will be the first review of this kind I have ever written. I just received my second and third GR Research power cables in the mail today. These are quite simply the best value of any component or cable I have ever purchased.

I put the first one on the amp. It replaced a similarly priced well regarded cable. No contest. More air, better separation, more dynamic. Across the board better, significantly better. I quickly ordered two more, wondering how they would sound on my DAC (Lampizator Atlantic TRP) and CD transport (Sim Moon 260D). On the DAC the cable being replaced is almost 3 times the cost of the GR Research cable. Again, no contest at all. The GR Research cable wins hands down in every respect (the one caveat here, and I hesitate to mention it, is the soundstage is still a little messy. But this is with almost 100% certainty a break-in issue).

No affiliation with the company, or industry for that matter. Just very excited about such a solid and affordable product. There are no reviews online and for those looking into them; I wanted to add a touchstone that might be of help. They have some great videos online as well that are worth watching.
You sound like your dating the guy... not that there’s anything wrong with that....Just saying
Any time you can upgrade to something better, sell your old and have money left over, hard to think of anything better. That is what I was able to do with Synergistic back in the 90's, and that is what we're able to do with Townshend today. Pretty sweet when the technology trickles down to where more and more are able to do this.
I went to the GR Research website and looked at the B16 power cable.

From the picture it looks like the connectors on that are the same cheap Chinese makes I bought off ebay a couple years ago.  The prongs or blades looked like they were sprayed with copper colored paint and the threads for the wire clamps inside would easily strip out.  

I could be completely off base so if anyone with a good eye for those junky Chinese plugs would take a look and tell us what you think it would be appreciated.
@nicktheknife - Given the price of these cables, I wouldn't expect them to have high-end connectors. But Danny is pretty responsive to email so you could ask him. He may even be willing to build these with higher-priced connectors (Furutech, etc.) if you supplied them. 
OP I can tell just by looking they are good cables.. The ends are NOT cheaply made, but they may very well be inexpensive to purchase..

I use a weave that is VERY close. I use OCC PTFE copper 16 and 24 for PC and speaker cables.

You aught to hear the OCC copper/99.9999 crystal silver clad 8 - 16 or 24 stand. It will blow your mind. Silver over copper terminal ends.. 

I just did 2 one meter PC. 39.00 each TOTAL = to a # 8. And so you know there is a WRONG direction. You have to look at the way the individual wire was drawn threw the dye. Just like a roof shingle you'll see under a 1000 X the way the copper lays.. I haven't heard better. 

I can make a pretty serious master coupler, too The Donkey or Clydesdale. :-)

The Furutech FI-11 (Cu) connectors have the words  "FURUTECH High Performance Power Connector FI-11 (Cu)" written on the black band.

The connectors shown on his site do not have any of those words on the black band. 

While apparently not Furutech, they may well be good connectors.

The Furutech is molded into the the actual connector black plastic. You can clearly see it on one end.
Yes, now I can see the Furutech stamp on the connector.  

I also went to the Furutech website and looked up that particular connector and there was a clear Caution at the bottom of the page to beware of counterfeits being sold on ebay, Amazon and some other auction sites.  What I bought was clearly one of these although it wasn't advertised as Furutech but looked a lot like it. 

Lesson learned.  Sorry if I caused any anxiety to anyone who may have purchased the GR-Research power cable as it appears they are indeed using the real McCoy. 

The one I bought off ebay is junk so if you are interested in building your own cable make sure you are buying a quality connector.  

Next time I sure will.
I just received a GR Research power cable today. Very nice construction, definitely Furutech connectors. Have not done any critical listening or A/B comparisons, but it does sound very nice so far. 

I would be interested in learning more about the costly cables replaced by GR Research?

Happy Listening!
I have found very high quality terminal ends with NO NAME. I don't use name brand ends. I use high quality ends though. Usually 1/3 to 1/2 the price..

WBT knock offs 1/10th the price.. and just as good.. WAY over priced.. great product though.. All my Carys and Nords use them..

The same with cable construction, SOME of the big names make their own cable, VERY FEW though.. Guess where it's made and how many OTHER big name manufactures are having their cables made at the very same factory...

They literally add a different color to the covers that go on the physical wire... THATS IT. The "ship to" address is different though..:-)

Something else, I been listening to OTC vs OCC A LOT... ???? I'm not so sure, they sound different, yes but BETTER.. I'm not hearing it in MY application.. I use copper for subs, bass, MB and mids up to 2500 hz

My internal wire is all silver for highs, flat copper braid for bass and SC copper/silver clad for mids..

I'm also using it in speaker IC more so than Low level ICs
OCC vs OTC, the jury is still out for my application..

Weaves and ribbons though... WOW.... I'm amazed..

OPS! Typo.. Thanks nwres..

OTC,  Oh the challenge.. LOL (Age is showing)

OFC, Oxygen free copper

OCC.  Ohno Continuous Cast

I'm still having a tough time between the two, telling the difference. Especially where I use them. Both folding weaves..

Sure make a serious PC, IC (RCA / XLR) or speaker IC.


It has cleaned up entirely, just as I hoped. Soundstage is more 3 dimensional than with previous cables with more air around voices and instruments (which was audible from the beginning, just somewhat confused).

I remain very pleased with these cables. At some point in the near future I plan to A/B with some other configurations. In particular I have a Triode Wire Labs Digital American ($600) that I really like and want to play with putting back in the system. I have to say, though I really Triode Wire Labs in general, especially their very natural and open sounding RCA interconnects, I doubt I am going to find a place in my system where I am going to prefer it to the GR Research cables.

The primary cable I was referring to was the Triode Wire Labs Digital American--itself a very good cable. I am also replacing a Black Sand Audio Violet Z1 MKII and an older Synergistic Research cable. I would rank them as follows:

1. GR Research ($250)
2. Triode Wire Labs Digital American ($600)
3. Black Sand Audio Violet Z1 MKII ($299) (previously more like $399)
4. Synergistic Research (Old model)
Is there a chance the GR Research power cable is just their 16 strand speaker cable with a 16 AWG ground wire running through the middle?  

Thank You for the run down of replaced Cables. Is Black Sand Audio still in business?

Happy Listening!

I definitely think that's a possibility.


Their website is still up. Don't seem to be releasing new products though.

I decided to assume the GR Research cord is just using the same cables as their speakers and I've ordered 12TC cable and some cheap connectors from Aliexpress to try building my own.  They won't have the nice cover or cotton core but will cost $25 instead of $250.  Since I'm a power cable skeptic that seems like a reasonable investment of time and money to test my skepticism.

I saw the GR video and am also curious how they compare.  I've been using some Pangea power cords.  I like the fact that they are shielded, since in my system, a lot of wires are close together behind my rack.

Any thoughts on shielded vs unshielded PCs since the GRs look to be unshielded?
I assume shielded in a standard power cable is better and I use these for that or I'm not going to make any claim for these other than their being a well made, 14AWG, shielded cable at a very good price.

When it comes to more exotic power cables I think an argument is frequently made that the cable geometry acts as or, obviates the need for, traditional shielding and I think that apply to the GR cables.

I'll be very interested in hearing the results. If your system is resolving enough, there is no doubt you will here a difference. The question, of course, is whether it will sound better.

Please do report back on your results.


Any one of the above cables are well worth a listen, the cool thing you'll spend 3-500.00 for all of them.. TOTAL!! Get a few PC you'll love them on a DAC, Preamp, Server, or SACD. I'm using them on a pair of Nord NC500 right now.. 39.00 PC.

I won't say who's 1300.00 PC I took out.. (My Buddies a MIT and Transparent fan) He let me give it a go.. OK at best.. Copper too..

They all work excellent.. 1-3 weeks delivery.. I have quite a rapport with a couple of the suppliers.. NEVER an issue.. Very respectful, no claims about anything.. You buy, You use, You like!! For PEANUTS!!!

If you are going to buy those cables it is cheaper to just buy them on Aliexpress rather than eBay.
If you have someone at Aliexpress it’s best you use them. I just happen to built a "REPPORT", with two of them on Ebay. READ!!!!

I’m not buying cheaper. I’m buying for less money and higher quality..

I just happen to use more than one type of cable and combo..

Usually 6-10 pairs at a time. 10 3 meter random cables.

Speaker ICs x 2, RCAs or XLRs X 6, and PC x 6, 4-600,00 total for a cable set.. Weaves and ribbons OCC/silver clad PTFE.

Cheaper on Aliexpress?

BTW, ZERO shipping cost to me other than the price and it goes down from what you see when I buy in combos or 10 pieces or more. I get up to a 20% additional reduction in cost..

Like I said before, My buddy bought 30 sets of ribbons, he was handing them out to 4th cousins in Brazil and Chile. NO KIDDING!!

GRs got it going on. Danny is a SALESMAN too. He makes a fine living I’m sure.. He’s an easy listen and a Good ol Boy!

oldhvymec, I just ordered one of those ebay power cables to compare it to the GR Research cable. So far the GR is wonderfully detailed with a wide and deep soundstage. Really enjoying the sound it lets through. 
Wondering if those Ebay cables are really OCC and not OFC?

Wig, impossible to know for sure. But I will let the sound decide. 
@ oldhvymec

Took your advice and bought a pair of those OCC Speaker Cables to compare against 2 similar brands using the same geometry and cabling but listed as OFC!

My ears are telling me that they are OCC and sound much better than the OFC, more refined, much cleaner, tighter imaging, better laid out sound stage and better texture/ nuance.

Keep in mind, this is with zero burn-in and all for $123... Most spades or bananas would cost that.

Sorry for coming late to the party here but I found this thread on the googlemachine and realized that it could potentially point me in a decent direction while actually covering all the three options I’m pondering. 
I’m running 3 m lengths of Kimber tc12 today and quite honestly, nothing within my reasonability range has ever given me much pause sonically. Annoyingly, I’m finding myself in the situation of having to move my new amp to the side and thus needing at least 4m lengths. I can’t say that I’m to fond of the idea of paying ball park €1600-2000 just for having the same cable just a tad longer (yes I know, I can easily sell my 3m cables but I do so love hoarding;))

So, here comes the big question, has anyone around here done any comparative sonic tests between the KK tc12, Danny’s GR research 16 or 24 strand cables and finally the OCC tc12 cables from “enjoyhifi” that @oldhvymec has suggested?

Since none of these cable are available for testing over here in Sweden it’d be nice to at least have some sort of indication before jumping.
Big thanks from a forum noob for whatever guidance I might get👍

As a beta tester for GroverHuffman cables, we have tried half a dozen Furutech A/C & IEC plugs over several decades.  We found that the more expensive ends tended to be brighter sounder with higher resolution and the lower end plugs maintain more body.  After trying many plugs from other companies, Grover found Taiwan all copper plugs that had good grip, excellent build qualities, a neutral sound resulting in great body and adequately high resolution to use with his power cables.  They cost less but sound (or lack of sound) great. 

That's because the higher end Furutech are rhodium plated, and the lower end gold plated.

I do not prefer the rhodium plating on power connectors, it introduces an artificial brightness. Years ago LessLoss audio did a paper on the plating effects of power connectors and came to this conclusion. They were right IMO.

@fleschler You said at Grover they found an all copper plug that sounded best. I too found the same thing- that pure copper plugs sounded best, even better than gold plated. But the cheaper ones can tarnish over time, that is the main issue with them.

The ATL pure copper plugs (ETP with red band) seemed good but I’m not sure they are still available.

Well, I’ve been using Grover’s copper A/C & IEC plugs for over a decade and I’ve only cleaned the A/C ends twice. Not bad tarnish either. I don’t know what the brand is but he says they’re the best quality Taiwanese plugs he’s found and after trying so many rodium, silver and a gold plug, he did find a quality one (some other copper plugs had scratched pins or were too soft and didn’t hold a clamp as well).