GR Research NX-Extreme

Looks like a helluva lot of speaker for the money, even if you need to put it together which sounds kinds fun. Anyone built a pair of these or heard them? 

As a note, Jay runs the GR Super 7's which is an OB speaker based on the GR Neo 3's, and the B&G Neo 10's, with 2 servo subs in the lower part of the speaker, a unique design that takes up a smaller footprint. His speakers used House of Kolor paint, Tangerine Candy with 5 coats of Show Clear on top, beautiful, but not cheap!!


It takes a lot work and the right treated room to get this kind of speaker to sound really good !
It does take a decent size room I think, but I found it took less effort to get them (the NX-Otica with triple-stack OB servo subs in my case) to sound quite good compared to conventional box speakers I've owned.

I have a fairly big room (17' x 29') that is reasonably symmetrical, so I have plenty of space to get them out into the room. I set them up about 7' from the back wall and 4' from the side walls and they sounded great. I tried moving them around a bit, but other than some toe-in tweaks, they are pretty much right where I set them up initially. 

I have used Room EQ Wizard to set up the sub amps, which makes it MUCH easier to get them dialed in. But again, I haven't found the need to move the subs around to get good sound. The servo amps provide lots of flexibility in controlling level and phase and also include a single frequency parametric equalizer which I used for one channel to smooth out the bass a bit. The other channel didn't need it. 

I do have a well treated room which helps, but I initially set them up before I had any treatments and they still sounded awfully good. The treatments sharpened the image and smoothed out the bass response a bit, but I think I would have been happy with the sound without most of the treatments. The tube traps in the corners behind the speakers were the first thing I added and made the biggest difference.