GR Research NX-Extreme

Looks like a helluva lot of speaker for the money, even if you need to put it together which sounds kinds fun. Anyone built a pair of these or heard them? 

Oh, I neglected to comment on the 4 ohm version of the GR Research woofer. GR Research offers a 4 ohm woofer, but not for use in open baffle applications, only sealed and ported. The non-ob version has not been optimized for ob use, and the two are not interchangeable. So the non-ob woofer is available in 4 ohms only, the ob woofer in both 8 and 16 ohms, but not 4.

Another point: the GR Research 4 ohm woofer is exactly the same as the 12" woofer found in the Rythmik F12, except the GRR has a paper cone, the Rythmik an aluminum. Rythmik sells the F12 in a version with the paper cone woofer, model F12G. GR Research, being a company aimed at DIYers, offers the F12G as a kit only. You get the woofer and the Rythmik plate amp, and build the enclosure yourself. Or buy the version Jim Salk offers, with the F12 kit installed in an incredible box of Jim’s design and build. His enclosure has the best bracing I have ever seen!

Is everyone now thoroughly confused? ;-)

bdp246,377 posts03-15-2020 11:40pm

Oh, I neglected to comment on the 4 ohm version of the GR Research woofer. GR Research offers a 4 ohm woofer,

Yup there was an option or two. 8 or 16 ohm drivers 8 ohm drivers are louder, hows that? Also a sand filled DIY, too. There are some guys that will build the kits, finnish is always the spendy part. Emron, was a great paint, just the lead content was through the roof..and no breathing it at all.
We called it drop dead gorgeous, paint...
Jay the box and kit builder guy with GR, has the speakers the OP is referencing, (I think). he just loves um. Ask him, good guy.. Quality work from that guy...

I heard the NX-Treme speakers at the Lone Star Audio Fest in May 2019. The sound was more three dimensional and holographic than anything I have ever heard before. It felt as though I could get up and walk completely around each individual performer as they were positioned on the stage.

The system was very dynamic and presented fine detail in a smooth, relaxed, non fatiguing way. Bass was deep and powerful, but sounded different from the deep bass of other systems I have experienced. It sounded less like a reproduction and more like bass heard in a live performance.

I was quite surprised to learn the price of the speaker system. Granted, you would have to invest the time to build them yourself, or additional money to have someone else build them, but I have heard several speakers in the $50,000-$100,000 range that did not engage me in the music like these did.

Based on the hour and 20 minutes or so I spent listening to them, I would highly recommend anyone in the market for new speakers this large to find a way to give them an audition.