GR Research / ACA LS9 Opinions Please

Category: Speakers


Looking for some opinions please :-). I'm considering the LS9 as a replacment for 20 year old Dynaudio Finales. I have the room for this speaker, I like what a line array does (I've had Maggie's previously), and I'm keen on the full range aspect.

Some questions:

This design and components are nearly 10 years old. As a system does it still stack up against more modern designs in the $8k price range?

Are the crossovers any good?

Are they that much better than the LS6 in a 20x25x10 room?

Are they the giant killers they have been made out to be?

Any input is gratefully and graciously received.

Are the crossovers any good?! Danny Richie is one of the masters of crossover design working today. He is hired by other speaker companies just to design the crossovers for their speakers. If you go to the GR Research website and ask, an LS9 owner in your area may be willing to have you over to hear them. In a room of your size, you can't have too big a speaker, can you!