GR Research

Anyone heard these speakers? What are your impressions?
I can't remember which model I heard, a floor standing unit, but I can say they were very bright and unforgiving
A couple of years ago I built a set of GR 3's (floorstanders). I drove them with a SET amp and I was very pleased with the sound, especially with acoustic stuff. You might need a sub to really rock. At the time my other system had Martin Logan reQuests and the GR 3's actually didn't do too bad in comparison (of course, there is always the sweat factor--if you build something it tends to sound good no matter what!). Back then they used a Focal tweeter; I think they use a Raven tweeter now, maybe that explains the above post. I did find the folks at the factory to be very helpful. As always: YMMV. Please email me if you need further info.
There's an active thread w/review over at AA from someone who just bought them.