GR Alpha Speakers

Has anyone tried one of these kits? If so, opions please. Thanks!
Have you read the info at ...???

GR has a link there ....
Ask on the board at

I am told for the $$$ they are a nice kit, but--- if you can spend more $$$ there are EXCELLENT kits out there.

Look into the SEAS Excel Thor at madisound under kits, they'll even sell you the boxes if you like, if it were me, I'd opt for the Odin III kit and add a sub. Not a huge fan of "tunnel" speakers.

For kits:,,, and check out ellis audio. Dave builds and excellent speaker.

Anyone heard the Odin III speakers? I've been looking at these, HQ components, looks good on paper just don't like the idea of buying speakers without hearing them. Any reviews?

I'd also like to hear from anyone who has played with the Seas kits.
GR is one of the good company's out there. Danny Richie is a stand up guy and very helpful to anyone who calls him, even if you are all thumbs like me. He provides quality parts and superior support. If you think you can tackle the kit, then by all means give it a shot.

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Yes the Alphas are AMAZING. They don't sound like speakers at all - instead they're like you are in the room with the performers.. This is a quality that is hard to describe, proper soundstage heighth, depth, detail, and 'air' in between all of the performers. Going back to listening to other speakers after you've heard these is like, well, listening to boxes with drivers. They will blow you away in a very natural, low key way. You gotta hear a pair, or go listen to the Pipedreams, or maybe Rick Craigs Excellarray. You'll come away a changed person.