Gov't Mule last night....much better than stereo

As good as our systems sound, nothing beats a really good live performance by one of your favorite artists. We were treated to two outstanding sets plus encore by one of the hardest working bands I have ever seen, in a small, historic venue...just perfect!
State Theatre, Kalamazoo-1
State Theatre, Kalamazoo-2
Yep, Govt Mule is killer live, and I agree their discs don't do them justice (it's all in the BASS)!
Agree, and what an awesome looking venue!
Rx8man, it is an awesome venue and the sound was great - Bojack, you would have loved that BASS. Matt Abts laid down a killer drum solo and guitarist Larry McCray joined in on the last 5 songs to wrap up a really special show.
What a great LBBC theater! (Life Before Bean Counters)
I could not agree more, when you hear Gov't Mule live the bass just kicks you in the chest and you will never forget it. One of the best bands live, could not agree more.
I've been (sadly) unimpressed with their recent lps.

The last good sounding lp was "Life Before Insanity".

What a great band. Why aren't their lps better sounding????