Gothic/Loft Wanamaker & Philadelphia Orch.


just received the new recording of the Wanamaker (Macy's) organ with the PO peforming Dupre, Jongen, and Elgar. Besides the fact this is a live recording, I've rarely heard an orchestra and organ recorded in the same venue outside of a concert hall (like Dallas) sound so spectacular. Kudos to the engineers at Loft recordings - their organ recordings are outstanding, and this recording with the largest playing organ and a full orchestra is fantastic. I don't mean to say this one plays second fiddle to those other concert halls either - it's as good or better. If you are a fan of the Elgar Pomp & Circumstance (#1) like I am, I have never heard a better recording. And I was surprised to learn the Jongen symphony was written for this organ/venue, but was never actually performed there. I have several recordings, and this is one to add to your collection; excellent. Highly recommended.