Gotham Quadratic Diffusers

I have a dedicated audio room that doubles as a home theater. I have desired to put diffusers on the wall behind my speakers since I built the room but a large screen television has stood in the way and I have a lot of gear with cables below it taking up floor space making a floor installation difficult.When I saw the GIK Gotham quadratic diffusers, I thought I could have my cake and eat it too.

My initial plan was to use heavy gauge wire and hang them off the television but I was a little uncomfortable with the additional weight on the wall rack that was right at it’s weight limits with the heavy plasma tv attached to it. I looked at premade shelves but couldn’t find anything with the dimensions I needed. A trip to my local Lowe’s solved the problem. I purchased a pair of heavy duty shelf brackets and a painted 3 foot shelf. I also bought heavy duty metal dry wall anchors which don’t require drilling to install just a Phillips head screw driver. The openings for screws on the shelf brackets were a little wider than the drywall screws so I purchased some flat washers. Total cost was around $40. Installation was easy and the diffusers fit perfectly on the shelf.

Shortly after installation one of my Audiophile buddies visited for a couple of days. He knows how my system sounds as good as I do. After a couple hours of listening I asked for his impressions without telling him what I thought. He heard the same things as I did with the most noticeable being vocals and soundstage. Vocals especially the lead were more finely delineated and the soundstage got wider. With the vocals it sounds like you have moved two or three rows closer to the stage. I am very impressed with the results and plan to purchase another pair.

For anyone who may be interested in these diffusers GIK has a 10% discount through the 15th of this month. Outside of being a customer , I have absolutely no affiliation with this company.



 I’m glad you had positive results with the Quad Diffuser’s. 
I have wanted a pair for many years.

I ordered a pair from GIK a few months ago. I was hesitant about shipping costs. I placed my order and it showed that shipping cost was $25.00.. I was very happy with that price. A week later I received a message from them stating there was a problem with my order. The shipping cost was Not $25.00 it was $228.25….

I was shocked. I kinda knew that $25 was to good to be true. So I cancelled my order. I should have just sucked it up and paid the shipping. I probably will order a set in the near future. It’s the last item I need for my room.

 I live in Anchorage Alaska, so everything costs more. It’s a pet peeve of mine what shipping charges are up here. 
Enjoy your diffusers. I hope to enjoy mine soon, maybe, most likely.

Joe Nies

Hi Joe: Ouch, I would also have canceled the order. You might want to try again. I live in Maine and I think the shipping came to somewhere around $35 . The Gothams are smaller than some of their prior diffusers. You can always place them in the cart and see what the shipping is before tapping the buy button. With the 10% discount I paid a little less than $400 for a pair.

I’ll just have to suck it up. That’s what shipping costs are up here in Alaska.

When I shipped my Aesthetic I/O to get upgraded my shipping cost was a little over $1200.00, for both ways. Outrageous. If I want something that’s what it costs.

‘Joe Nies

Have all ceilings and walls treated. Using different absorption and diffusion methods. Also have tube bass traps. 
The Quad diffuser can give you the illusion of a bigger room. First time I heard and saw one it was very impressive.

I eventually will purchase a pair to put the finishing touch on my room acoustics.

Joe Nies

So I would like to do this same thing with 4 across under my tv and above my equipment. I have no treatments at all. Please take a look at my system and tell me if you think I would benefit with the 1 row across. 

@benzman Yes they will help. I suggest you put 2 under TV and 1 on each side of the TV. The one’s under the TV try leaving 6 to 12 inches between them. 
I’m a firm believer in how helpful acoustic materials can improve a room.

Joe Nies

I'm also looking to do the same thing under my TV, but need something more narrow since I'm limited by the distance between the TV and crown molding.


Wonder if there are any other quadratic diffusers anyone is aware of that are more rectangular than square?

@christianb5s4 Contact GIK they can probably make the diffusers any size you want. They also offer free consultation.

Joe Nies

That was my next stop since the rest of my acoustic treatments are GIK. Just thought I'd ask here too.

@benzman very nice room and system. Yes I think one row across would produce some nice results for you. As  Joe Niels suggested I would contact GIK for a free consultation. 

Last week I added two more Quadratic Diffusers with disastrous results. All six of the shelf’s 40 pound rated dry wall anchors pulled out of the wall. Unfortunately ,my preamp was damaged. To prevent this from happening again , I added a third shelf bracket and using 9 six inch bolts secured them to the studs behind them. As an additional precaution to hold the diffusers securely in place, I used a combination of 75 pound rated picture wire , 4 carabiners and 5 six inch eyebolts. The piano wire is in a crossing pattern and the carabiners are attached to picture wire strung above the television attached to two eyebolts. The carabiners are so I can quickly take down the diffusers to watch the television. Yea it is a little bit of work to install and remove the diffusers but it is sonically worth it. I have posted a couple of pictures of my installation on my virtual systems page.

For those of you who are going to mount these directly to the wall I would not use the tiny screws included with the mounting bracket.