Got Vinyl and Qobuz cued up in Do-or-Die Comparo

Right now I've got my Mytek Brooklyn Bridge simultaneously playing Emmylou Harris' Elite Hotel via Qobuz Hi-Rez and the Brooklyn's own MC Analog input.  I bought the vinyl disc not long after it came out in the early 70's.  It has seen a lot use over the decades.  I've done my level best to make sure the volume levels are equal.

I'll cut to the chase. Over my admittedly modest system (SOTA/Alphason/Lyra Delos, 30 watt PrimaLuna Integrated, NOLA Boxers+Paradigm sub-woofer), analog wins by an eyelash. Qobuz gives me a slightly less edgy, more natural tonal balance but the vinyl is more fun & involving thanks to slightly more air, three-dimensionality and drive.  Interestingly, these differences are not entirely consistent from cut to cut. For whatever reason, the final three cuts have Qobuz finding a hair more air.  It might be said, too, that Emmylou enunciates equally well in each format.  Emmy's band is equally tight and articulate (I saw 'em live, once).  Finally, yes, through the eons the elpee has taken on a few cracks and pops.
Bottom line -- both sources deliver a heck of a lot of musical pleasure.  A near split-decision.
You can’t go wrong with Emmylou. Have you heard the bonus tracks on the recent reissue of The Ballad of Sally Rose?  Demos of a few of the songs with Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton doing harmony vocals. Good stuff!
I've had the Elite Hotel LP and listened to it on my system. It is an excellent sounding recording!